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"Beit Ha'am" - Zionist Beit Midrash

"Beit HaAm" is an innovative program, developed by the Department of Zionist Activities in Diaspora, which encourages relevant discourse on zionist identity and the relationship with Israel. We present you a  "taste" of the variety of subjects offered to you by "Beit HaAm".

Those interested in running this program or in receiving aditional information are invited to contact the coordinator of "Beit HaAM", Tamara Schagas


Leadership Near and Far | Facilitators guide

Yitzchak Rabin z"l

Examining Identity Issues with Hanoch Piven

Beit Ha’am In the Tent Cities Israel Social Protest:





Rosh Hashana

Tu Bishvat | Facilitators guide


Tisha Be'av