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Hertzl is Back

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Dear Madrich, Shaliach,

You have here a short, 7-minute film - "The Return of Herzl".

Who is it designed for? The film is suited to a variety of audiences: youth, soldiers, students and adults.

The plot - Herzl returns to the world for a brief moment, and discovers that the State of Israel exists. He is very impressed by its achievements, but also discovers the difficulties accompanying its existence, which did not appear in his vision. Herzl meets Israelis in the street, forms impressions from what they have to say, and decides to examine whether the First Zionist Congress's historic decision to establish a home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel was the right decision.
After screening of the film, we invite you to conduct a debate with the viewers.

We propose several guiding questions for the debate. Naturally you can also add your own questions.

Good luck!!

  1. What would you have chosen? Is the Land of Israel the right place for establishment of a state for the Jewish people, or would another place on the globe have been preferable? Why? Explain your choice.
  2. Would the Jewish people have been able to realize its dream for its own state and for living a full Jewish life, satisfactorily, also in a place other than the Land of Israel? (Is it possible to live a full Jewish life outside the borders of the State of Israel? / Do the Jews living in the Diaspora fulfill their Jewishness less than the Jews in the State of Israel?)
  3. Can clearly visible differences be found between the opinions voiced in the film by native Israelis (Sabras) and between the other interviewees who were born in the Diaspora? Is there any difference in their attitude (enthusiasm/passion) in relation to the State of Israel? What are the differences?
  4. Why do you think they exist?
  5. Is the State of Israel the most important Jewish center in the world? Should it be the most important Jewish center of all?
  6. Some people say that the State of Israel is just as important for the continued existence of the Jewish Diaspora in the world, as the Jewish Diaspora is important for the continued existence of the State of Israel. Do you agree with this claim? Explain why.
  7. Should we aspire for every Jew in the Diaspora to make aliyah to Israel and to live in Israel? Explain why.
  8. Would it be good if we had a "reserve state" as suggested by one of the interviewees in the film? Is it possible to organize such a state for ourselves?
  9. If you could meet Herzl, the "Visionary of the State", personally, what would you tell him? What would you ask him?
    What other name would you suggest for the film?


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