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ההסתדרות הציונית

The World Zionist Organization Department for Diaspora Activities is commemorating

the 29th of November, recalling and reinforcing in the collective consciousness

the legitimate right of the Jewish people to the State of Israel!


On November 29, 1947 (Kislev 29, 5708) the United Nations Assembly (UN) resolved on termination of the British Mandate in Palestine and the creation of two independent states there: a Jewish state and an Arab state. The leadership of the Jewish yeshuv accepted the plan. Jews in Israel and around the world broke into spontaneous dance when they heard the news!

At the present time, when extreme groups around the world question the State of Israel's right to exist, it is important for us to again remind ourselves and others that the State of Israel belongs to the Jewish people legitimately.


We are here to stay!! On this significant date we wish to reinforce knowledge about the State of Israel, its values and symbols, and to stimulate dialog on why Diaspora Jewry needs the State of Israel and what it symbolizes for them.


The Department staff invites you to commemorate the 29th of November

in a special evening

"The State of Israel in Search of an Ambassador" 

Click the tabs to find:

A participatory and enriching evening activity that will reinforce your understanding

and connection to the State of Israel!


For further details:

Erella Goren - Educational Contents and Projects   |   + 972-2-6202578    |   e-mail:

The Department for Diaspora Activities - World Zionist Organization